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RYL: Your new EP release is very close…..how do you feel?

TRASH BOAT (https://www.facebook.com/TrashBoatUK): We couldn’t be more excited, we’ve had the EP recorded since February and we’re just been sitting on it and playing it live loads, really eager to release it so we can get some feedback! 

RYL: You already did some gig, which is the song you love to play live?

TRASH BOAT: My personal favourite live tune would probably be Gnarmalade, it has the most energy and really gets people moving.

RYL: What inspired the lyrics of “Boneless”?

TRASH BOAT: Boneless was inspired by a period in my life in which I had to make drastic lifestyle changes due to a persistent physical injury which got very bad very quickly.

I had multiple knee surgeries, none of which helped. I was feeling pretty grim, but right as I was pulling myself out of the shit I met the dudes in Trash Boat, it was a good chance to reflect on the experiences and it was fun to write about it.

RYL: how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

TRASH BOAT: It always comes in pieces for me, sometimes I’ll have a concept or a theme but nothing much to say at the time because I can’t figure out how to word it just right, it can be blank for weeks, but all it takes is one line or phrase to get the ball rolling and it can be written within the hour!

RYL: which is the best verse you ever heard in a song?

TRASH BOAT: My favourite verse in a song would have to be from ‘Life In A Box’ by Stick To Your Guns: This is a place of acceptance Not a place of repentance So save your breathe You homophobic shithead One day you will pay your debt but until then I’ll fight to undo every word that you’ve said

RYL: and the one you ever wrote?

TRASH BOAT: My favourite verse I’ve written…I guess it’s a tie between the beginning of Gnarmalade: Another day goes by I’m weaker and I’ve lost faith in myself The world around me seems so hopeless, all I want to do is help Your apathetic makes me sick, you only look out for yourself Too blinded by your ignorance you have been put up on the shelf Or from Lock In: The last few years are a blur, bring me up from the dirt Even though I’ve been home I can’t help feeling uncertain Tears in my eyes, pull back the curtain These are my scars this is my time to earn them

RYL: Who gave you the best advise, musically speaking, so far?

TRASH BOAT: The best advice we’ve had would be think ahead when writing, to not write something because it fits what’s ‘cool’ at the time, but to write it so that 5 years down the line you will still be proud of it.

RYL: Any project of tour this summer?

TRASH BOAT: We’ve got our release your coming up in July which already has some awesome dates on it, including with Roam, Light You Up and As It Is at the Garage in London on 18 July, gunna be pretty sweet.

RYL: We heard you love Blink 182…… what is your favorite song? why?

TRASH BOAT: I love Anthem pt. 2, the lyrics are awesome and it’s a perfect opener to a perfect album


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