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Are you satisfied about the success of your debut album “look look look”?

Haha, well. That really depends on how you see it.

Of course we are totally satisfied and proud of our work, it’s our baby.

But yeah, it’s our first ”real” big release, and that is quite intimidating. It’s such a personal thing for us.

Then everybody around you has their opinion on it, and that can be really tough. As an artist, you will never ever be satisfied, it changes all the time.

But then, you can say that it gives os the energy and courage to continue getting better and writing new stuff.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

It’s all about how we are feeling and what we wanna express.

There are not a specific subject, that we prefer writing about. It just has to be based on something real.

It can be a feeling, something personal, a dream, a story – Noa is, for example, often driven by emotion or something that gets her frustrated ahha!

And when you are portraying a personal feeling, experience whatever, it often gets exaggerated, and fit into a more lyrical way, so it suits the music better.

What is the best verse you ever wrote?

Hmmmmmm, that changes. It’s a combination of the perfect words, the right melody and flow to express just how you feel.

A perfect symbiosis! Right now we are really fond of the verse in Drunkenly Haze.

Noa really feels it while singing it. The verse in Fire cause it’s sooo full of frustration and self-expression.


What inspired “Fire” ?

The song is based on feelings like frustration and restlessness, and is about finding yourself in a new time which seems unmanageable, complicated and therefore culminates in chaos and confusion !!!!

So yeah, frustration growing up haha.

When you wrote your last song?


Hmmm last week!!


What was the soundtrack to your childhood?

That must have been… and maybe still is haha, George Michael with Flawless. As children we loved dancing to this song over and over again haha! – we just loved to party with George!

Is music something that runs in your family?

Our father plays a little guitar, and our mother a little piano, but we were raised in a family who just have a huge passion for, and loves music.


What has the journey in the world of music industry, been like up to now?

We have learned so much about the music industry so far.

When we started as an upcoming band we didn’t know much about how the industry worked.

It’s sometimes really complicated and there is so much about timing and doing what you think is best.

In the end you are working so close with people that they become our family.

You have to make a lot of difficult decisions, but that’s a part of being a band working in the music business.


Do you remember the day you wrote Drunkenly Haze? And “Leap in to heaven”?

Noa: I actually don’t remember the day/days writing Leap In to Heaven, cause it was over a longer period of time!

I really remember the days we wrote Drunkenly Haze! It was a really frustrating time, Trump was just been elected for president, so much chaos and despair, and I just really felt like the world will soon collapse. So it culminated in that song.

Are you ever scared of revealing, quite vulnerable aspects of your experience, to strangers through your music?

Always! But we really do feel privileged that we are in a position, that we can share our personal feelings through our songs. And most of the time to a really nice audience!


What is the best show you ever played?

Naomi: That’s so difficult to say, because at first you think that it must be a gig that meant a lot for your career, playing for a lot of people or playing on live TV.

But for me it must have been when we played our own show in Copenhagen on our fall tour last year.

We had so much fun on stage, and the audience had so much energy! I’m really proud of my sisters.

That we can make people have a good time, and share our music with everybody who wants to listen – that’s why I love music.

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