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After making waves, piling on streams, receiving looks from top tier media outlets, Los Angeles band Junior Varsity unveil a brand new single entitled “Weather[feat. spill tab] via Warner Records.

Listen HERE.
The duo of Greg Aram and Zach Michel deliver another highly quotable genre-breaking anthem. On the track, Zach’s guitar cuts through his glitchy production as Greg admits, “You made my levels change, like tequila” and “I need love.” Meanwhile, spill tab appears with a celestial bridge, showcasing her impressive range and haunting timbre. The video showcases youth at its purest where a group of friends journey through all that a regular summer day has to offer. It’s the perfect backdrop for a gorgeous song that plays out like the soundtrack to memories of the distant past.
Regarding the single, the band said, “‘Weather’ is about leaving NY for LA in hopes of chasing dreams, but still feeling left emotionally empty—good weather masking depression, but still making it a little bit better.
Over the past couple of months, Junior Varsity have unapologetically stirred up headlines. The duo propelled themselves into the national news cycle after Aram and two comrades draped a giant cow head over the first “O” on the Hollywood Sign in celebration of the band’s long-awaited debut single “Cold Blood.”
It all paves the way for more music from Junior Varsity—coming soon.
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