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LA-based pop artist Lostboycrow  combined efforts with his recent tour mates and long time friends, the Atlantic Records recording duo Prelow, for the new dreamy track “Some Nights“. The idea for the track came from a tweet via Prelow’s account – “some nights just catching somebody looking at you is enough.”

We really liked that sentiment and had tried it over a few different beats before it really made sense, and is was great writing and fleshing the track out with Lostboycrow.” – Prelow

‘Some Nights’ is a drifting in and out – of loneliness and belonging, of despair and release as they each one eb and flow like smiles on the faces of strangers so content to be imagined, or stained glass moments dancing trapped inside a memory you pass off as gospel and bring up like the war tomorrow’s youth will never understand. It is the minute of existence that hold such secrets as love. A glance, the soft intention of a touch, an honest laugh, a quiet evening as it slips effortlessly into morning. Some nights you can feel them all crowd in a circle, warm like a fire to congregate hope. Some nights it’s enough.” – Lostboycrow

Following the release his EP trilogy Traveler, Lostboycrow is preparing to release his debut full length album Santa Fe, out this fall. Stay up to date on album details by visiting Lostboycrow’s website, and stream Traveler now on Spotify.

Lostboycrow is an idea that pays homage to new beginnings and a poignant heritage, best described as a Pop minded vocalist’s dark love affair with the world of modern R&B. Still shrouded in mystery, the idea of Lostboycrowis the foundation for what we know about him as a musician. Sonically, the Los Angeles artist delves in to the world of introspective dance music. He takes pride in his thoughtful and provocative lyrics, but doesn’t forget to cater to the current Pop-centric audience. Lostboycrow gives a voice to the voiceless through his storytelling ability while sonically finding the perfect medium between Pop, R&B, and Electronic music.

Prelow are currently spending most of their time in the studio collaborating with producers Anthony Kilhoffer (Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Travis Scott) and Max Hershenow (Ms Mr., Lostboycrow). With beats rooted in hip-hop bounce, humming and hypnotic guitars, and lyrics that read like lines lifted from a Wes Anderson film, Prelow – a.k.a. New York City-based artists Jesse Aicher & Matt Walsh – have earned worldwide attention and more than 20 million streams via Spotify alone, all before unleashing a full-length debut album. 2017 saw the duo follow up on 2015’s breakthough WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN SO MUCH EP with a number of solid standalone singles, including “Guitar Beat,” “I Don’t Wanna End The Night,” and “Backseat,” the latter of which was joined by an official music video that premiered on Blackbook and can be viewed now at Prelow’s official YouTube channel.

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