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how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

I just think about all the things that are bothering me and write.

tell us more about your new album  “Love Jail”……

Love Jail is a topical summary of what it feels like to have your heart thrown into a wood chipper by your best friends.
what inspired “Splinter?”
I was thinking back to my teenage years and how alone I felt. I wish I could have some of them back, and the wisdom to fully embrace my innocence.
what is the best verse you ever wrote? 
The thing I’m most proud of should be coming out on LP2 next year. It’s a secret.
and the one of your favorite song? 

Luna by The Smashing Pumpkins 

what does music mean to you?
I see it as an outlet and a tool. It makes it easier to understand the things that are bothering me.
do you remember the day you wrote “Brat”?
Yeah, I was super mad and literally had a massively long group text open and ready to send to the people that were pissing me off.
Decided it was a bad idea to send and channeled it into a rock track.
what makes you happy in life?
Playing GameCube with my roommates and drawing comics
what is the best thing of being on tour ?
Sleeping in the van for sure 
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