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I hope I die before I get old……..do you remember? We were talk about this very controversial statement during our last article about the English rock band “The Who”.


Today we will talk about another very famous song: Love Reign o’er me, but, before that, let’s talk about a funny anecdote regarding their drummer, Mr. Keith Moon.

Did you know that his passion were the explosives? Keith Moon loved flushing with them the toilets of the hotels he was visiting during The Who tours.

Once, a hotel’s manager called the room of Keith asking to turn down the volume of the music since it was too loud and noisy and  it was disturbing the other guests.

reign over






Keith asked the manager to reach him in to the room in order to discuss about it, the manager finally came and Keith stuffed the toilet with dynamite and then……….the explosion!

He said then to the manager…… see… this was noise……! Then played again the tape and said: these are The Who!

Pete Townshend, the guitarist, wrote in 1973 the lyrics of “Love Reign O’er Me”  and the song is part of the album and rock opera : “Quadrophenia”

The main character of the Opera is a guy named Jimmy that lives a crisis, a personal one……actually do you know that Quadrophenia is another way of defining the schizophrenia and the personality disorder.

Jimmy will suffer of this four – identity disorder that has the characteristics of each member of the band.

Is the rain that will help him to find a spiritual redemption (the same rain that refers to Meher Baba’s – an Indian mystic master – belief that rain was a blessing from God).

The Who are recently touring USA with Quadrophenia once again, Pete Townshend probably will not smash as many guitars, but we believe that their tour will be a successful one.

Unfortunately without Keith Moon that, we are sure, is making noise somewhere in the drummer’s heaven.

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