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Scottish alt-pop duo LOVE SICK were greeted with a wave of tastemaker attention for their colossal debut single ‘Bullet’ and their ‘No Sleep’ EP. Then they retreated as they immersed themselves in carefully identifying and curating every aspect of the artistry. That attention to detail informs every element of their output, from their diversity of influences to their scope of their ambitions and the aesthetic world around their music.

LOVE SICK kickstart 2022 with their brand new single ‘Run Out Of Love’. Listen HERE.

‘Run Out of Love’ puts LOVE SICK’s dark-hued after-hours twist on a sound which echoes touches of Mark Ronson’s sad bangers set ‘Late Night Feelings’ as well as the esoteric yet accessible production of Caribou and the woozy electronica of Kaytranada. Julie Knox’s delicate, sensual, ethereal vocals chart the emotions of a relationship in its final embers. It encapsulates the moment – ironically – where a love interest realizes the extent of their feelings for you almost immediately after they let the relationship fall apart.

LOVE SICK say, “This song was one of the ones where most of it came out in one take and the creative process happened really quickly. We wanted by to keep it quite understated and Lo-fi in the production so went for a minimalist approach. The original demo before we had a title was called lo-fi song. It’s about someone not appreciating you when you’re there and wanting you when you’re gone”.

As with the rest of their upcoming music, ‘Run Out of Love’ was entirely written and produced by Julie and her LOVE SICK partner Shaun Canning. The connection between the two dates back several years. They first met at a party, where they quickly realized that they shared a spark. They began hooking up and collaborating at the same time, to become LOVE SICK.

Consistently unafraid to push not only sonic boundaries, but also personal limitations, the duo’s gritty, highly personal electro-tinged pop with an alternative r&b flare will offer a warped world to immerse yourself in with more releases to come as 2022 takes shape.


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