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MADchester: this was the name used to call an emerging rock scene, in the ten years between 1980 and 1990,  from the city of Manchester in Great Britain.

This time is also defined as the “second summer of love” due to the huge use of drugs as ecstasy and LSD….. this had influences also to the music that was more alternative rock, psychedelic rock and, sometimes, dance.

Ian Brown (singer), Gary Mounfield (bassist), John Squire (guitarist) and Alan Wren (drummer) are the band members of The Stone Roses that were created in 1983.

The very particular name, proposed by John Squire, is supposed to come from two symbol of England: the England’s rose and The Rolling Stones.

During an interview, once  he denied that, saying that he selected two words that had a strong difference …that’s it.

The band did only two albums, the first one in 1989 called “The Stone Roses” and the second one called “Second Coming” in 1994.

After Second Coming the band decided to have a break that lasted till 2012 when they decided to do a new world tour and maybe a new album even if the critics they say that is likely difficult.

“Love Spreads” is part of the second album of the band and it has been released as first single in 1994.

The lyrics have been written by Squire and the lyrics might assume several meanings:

1 The Messiah is in reality a black woman, and she will be the one that will save the world – this interpretation is seen as a straight attack to Jesus

2 The “Second Coming” the new Messiah is a black woman – like in the paganism, is the Goddess that is always black and woman

3 The Woman is the black music, which is killed and depicted by the scene of Madchester new rock bands (the rain)

Squire never formally commented the lyrics so we cannot confirm the various interpretations , we can’t wait to see the Stone Roses live in less than a month, we will record their performance and we will make sure you will see it in our channel in YouTube.

For the time being let’s watch at their video:




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