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Lowen has released her powerful debut single “Morning, Mourning.” The first single from her forthcoming debut EP, Only In My Dreams (out October 25th), “Morning, Mourning” is a tear-jerking confessional telling the story of Lowen’s attempts to balance her emotions while experiencing both the happiest moment in her life (meeting and falling in love with her now wife) and the two most painful moments (outgrowing her first love of 8 years, then facing the grief of his untimely death shortly after). Lowen’s candidly-charged lyrics builds throughout the track, eventually erupting into an immensely-expressive and heartbreaking outpour of emotion, driven by the swells and pure power of her vocals.
Of the writing process, Lowen states “This EP has been writing itself through iPhone journal entries and voice memos since 2015 without me even realizing. Through late nights crying and journaling out of necessity, about heart break, grief, guilt, and exploration of new love, I began to heal and found myself as an artist again.
For Lowen the journey to her debut release has been years in the making. Gaining notoriety touring throughout North America, Emily Kopp often felt hopeless and lost in the industry. After a brief hiatus filled with personal highs and lows, Emily is now planted in Nashville, TN, feeling truly awakened and inspired once again. For the past year, Lowen has been writing and finding her own voice. Creating music that is truer to herself than ever before.
Only In My Dreams Track Listing:
1. Morning, Mourning
2. Pretending Happy
3. You’ll Know Who Knows You
4. Take The Hit
5. Only In My Dreams
6. Chameleon
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