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How do you usally write the lyrics of your songs?


Usually we have some topics already in mind and a scrapbook full of titles and phrases that we collected along the way.

When we lay down the demos we already try to use these material in the fictional lyrics and then once we got the melody locked in we elaborate the words and phrases with a complete sense.


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


“Set me free your heaven’s a lie” probably one of the simpliest but really effective.

when you wrote your last song? (not published yet)


The last song we wrote with Lacuna Coil is “Naughty Christmas” and there’s nothing else ready.


Do you remember the day you wrote Our Truth?


No, but I remember when we were working the musical arrangements. I remember it took a long time to find the right mix.

what inspired “Delirium?


As usual life experiences and art are the biggest influences for our music.

and Heaven’s a Lie?


The lyrics for this one came out very spontaniously in the practice room.


what does music mean to you?

It’s the biggest part of my life together with my family and friends.


when your new album will be released?

Most probably 2019.

what is the best achievement of your career?


20 years of career, worldwide touring, legacy with all the fans, personal growth.


what is your best verse in the song “spellbound”?


Tell me who you are? I am Spellbound!

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