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Are you happy of the success of your last EP “Lessons Learned”?

I’m very happy with the way The Lessons Learned came out.

We had gone through 4 different engineers and producers to get it together, so it was a tedious project that eventually came out solid. I believe that success can be defined in many different ways.

We can always do better, but based off of the reaction we received from it, I think it was a successful release.

when you will release a new album/EP?


Our next EP we be released early next year, and we are stoked about it! I am the primary songwriter in the band, so to answer your question, yes I write all of the lyrics.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


I think the best verse I’ve ever written so far is the first verse of our song “Not A Saint”.

“A house made of ice, windows black as sin. Hell is not what you think it is, it’s cold and dark my friend. And if you knock on the door quit enough, they just might, let you in. If you don’t mind what you’ve heard so far, then please, open the door.”


what inspired  “Escape Plan”?

Escape Plan was a song I wrote about trying to find a way out of the daily struggles of life. Relationships, work, etc.

Ultimately realizing that there is no right or wrong way to escape from it, you just have to be strong and rise above the struggles that life throws your way.


And “not a saint”?

Not A Saint. What can I say? It’s a song that lyrically moves people in their own personal way, and I love it.

For me, it was about constantly being torn between doing the right thing and trying too hard to be perfect. Us humans, we aren’t perfect. Sometimes it takes a long time for us to overcome that need.

I’ve unfortunately lost a few friends to depression that ultimately led to suicide from struggling to meet society’s standards and from being in messed up relationships. Suicide is not the answer.

If you ever feel like you’re coming close to the edge, call someone, you’re worth it, I promise.

what is your favorite Sunday morning record?


Alright, favorite Sunday morning record. I’m going to have to say either “Fly” by Sugar Ray, or “Semi Charmed Life” by Third Eye Blind.


do you like to write songs? What is the best thing of doing it?

I love to write music. My favorite thing about writing is the process. Watching the song grow from the first time I pick up an acoustic guitar and mutter out a few melodies and strange lyrics, to the finished product when I leave the recording studio.

It’s such an amazing feeling.


when you wrote your last song? What inspired it?

The last song I wrote was inspired by life, death, and the process in between.

What we do with the time we’re given, and if it is worth all of the effort or not.

How to find the answers that we’ve all been looking for.


what does music mean for you?

Music is life. It means everything to me. Everything.


what is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to travel the world and share my music with everyone.

I want to help people get through their daily struggles. I want everyone to know that someone understands what they are going through. I can relate.

I’ve lived the struggles first hand.

Not all of them, but I’ve been through a lot, and my music has helped me get through those tough times.

I just hope it can help someone else.





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