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Lee Corey Oswald was just announced as participant to the Warped Tour this summer

We take this opportunity to ask Lee about lyrics, inspiration, future projects and, of course, Vans Warped Tour!

Lee Ellis: When I write lyrics I try to paint some sort of picture with my delivery.  I

like to leave some things up for debate in terms of direct description while being just concrete enough for people to relate to them (because no one needs to know every little thing, right? And they probably couldn’t handle it if they did). 

Any way, I draw influence from every day life situations, which of course include rocky and failed romances and grandiose anxiety about that shit in general. 

Because I guess I don’t know the first thing about being successful with that. 

My thoughts circulate and I eventually end up with a few lines or melodies or something, and then I rearrange them into a form that is at least a little more legible than what goes on in my head. 

My obsession with cinematic rewinds of my or someone else’s life makes for good material, making something useful out of menial junk. 

Of course things are exaggerated and blown up like in the movies but no one would give a shit if they weren’t.  Life imitates art but art imitates fantasy.  Or so I think. 

That’s how I do it mostly.

Speaking of lyrics, I’m going to be singing some that I wrote on the Vans Warped Tour this summer.  It should be an emotional experience for all of us as we all grew up on bands like NOFX, Bad Religion, and other punk juggernauts that have played in the past.

It’s definitely a privilege to be included in the tour’s history and we’re all looking beyond forward to traveling the country with it this summer. 

It’s going to be a long one, that’s for sure.  But at least there’s friends.  And beer. And love in the air in every city but here. 

Well now, I think I just wrote some fucking lyrics.  How about that?  

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