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Mad Cool Festival has just sold out the first 10,000 tickets for its 2019 edition. With a line up with names like The Cure, Bon Iver, Smashing Pumpkins, The National, Vetusta Morla or Noel Gallagher, Mad Cool claims an edition more as a musical reference world-class. In this effort and with the commitment that the public enjoys a unique musical and vital experience, the organization of the Festival will carry out in 2019 important technical innovations and substantial improvements in the infrastructures of the venue in order to facilitate and do more comfortable, agile and simple to go to the great date with the music of Madrid.

We remind you that tickets for Mad Cool 2019 can be purchased through the official website: Madcoolfestival.es, in addition to Ticketmaster.es and Festicket.com. Physically, tickets are available at Halcón Viajes, Fnac and Carrefour.


– Sale at ticketmaster.es, festicket.com, Halcón Viajes, Fnac and Carrefour and madcoolfestival.es

– Payment: € 175 + expenses.

– Day ticket: € 79 + expenses.

– VIP subscription: € 400 + expenses.

– VIP day ticket: € 150 + expenses.


– Only on sale at madcoolfestival.es until January 8 at 23:59 h.

Payment: € 140 + expenses.

Day ticket: € 65 + expenses.

Vip subscription: € 330 + expenses.


– Only until January 8 at 23:59 h.

Payment: € 135 + expenses.


– Only at fnac.es and Fnac stores in Spain.

€ 199 with delivery of wristband at home.

Subject to Fnac conditions.

More information here.


* More space: the number of stages will be reduced to six compared to the seven with which the Festival counted in 2018 and the VIP area of ​​the front stage will disappear.
* The capacity will be reduced by 5,000 people daily.
* New technological system for public access. Mad Cool Festival works with a company of recognized prestige to ensure the proper functioning of the technical network. In addition, for all tickets purchased online, 100% of the wristbands will be sent home to any destination in the world (1).
* For anyone who has a ticket – be it a single day or a three-day ticket – the return transportation from the venue in Valdebebas to the center of Madrid will be free from 1.30 am to 5.30 am, in order to minimize unnecessary waiting.
* In accordance with the new Ordinance of the Madrid City Council referring to Major Events, Mad Cool Festival is working on a specific Mobility Plan for the event with the Transport Consortium and the General Mobility Directorate of Madrid City Council and advised by a Department of specialized engineering of recognized prestige.
* Improvement of the access road, hall and transit areas of the site to make the pedestrian crossing more comfortable.
* Violet Point. Mad Cool 2019 emphasizes its social commitment by reinforcing and expanding this facility although, fortunately, during 2018 there was no incidence.
* Expansion of the number of WC units.
* The linear meters of beverage bars and the number of waiters will have a significant increase to speed up the sales process.

1. With the exception of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Sub-Saharan Africa and Russia. International or national purchases from outside the Peninsula will have a supplement of 5 euros per ticket.

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