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In the second installment of Mad Channel they introduce GOMZ.

The project of Raul Gómez, violinist, pianist, singer and composer premieres his new single “Sin Dinero/Without Money” on Mad Cool Festival‘s YouTube channel. A song born from the loneliness of those who feel that they are left with nothing.

GOMZ released his musical project with all the enthusiasm days before the beginning of the confinement but had to stop again, as he himself told: “I had been projecting songs, concerts for months … And I found myself like all the young people of my generation, postponing dreams. I spent hours and hours with myself, I imagined a hundred better scenarios than the quarantine one, and in all of them I had someone by my side to worry about, who would excite me and ultimately, someone to take care of.

Listen now to “Sin Dinero,” a song that talks about an up-tempo rhythm of loneliness, far from the selfish vision of who cries out to be taken care of and closer to sadness for not taking care of anyone.

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