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49 years of Courtney Love, a life that gave a lot to this woman originally from Oregon but that also toke a lot.

Surely our thoughts go to her wedding with Kurt Cobain and the tragic end of it but also to her strength , her capability of getting over a very difficult situation and be able to start again, in her personal life (with a beautiful daughter) and in her music career.

The Hole, is her creation; formed in 1989 (five years before the death of Kurt) together with the guitarist Eric Erlandson is an alternative/grunge/punk rock band.

The band went through several changes of lineup, even Eric left in 2009 when the group officially decided to spread out.

Lately, in 2010, Courtney decided to release the album Nobody’s Daughter that received a quite good success from the public and from the critics.

The problem is that Eric apparently claimed that the album couldn’t be released under the name of the band since there is an agreement between him and Courtney not to use anymore the name of the band.

It is for this reason that Courtney informed the fans about her willingness of doing a solo album ? Most probably yes.

“Celebrity skin” is the third album released by the band in 1998 and was the band’s major success; among all the songs included in it we selected: Malibu.

“Malibu” has been written by Courtney, Eric, and Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins.

As many of the songs we wrote about , Malibu has different interpretations about the way it has been written………..

The first interpretation is that the song describes a young Courtney living in a trailer-home in front of the beach, a second interpretation is that the song talks about Kurt Cobain that was hospitalized in a clinic in Malibu because of his heroin addition.

What do you think? Love will tear us apart?

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