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Zac Eisenstein, lead vocalist for New Jersey pop-punk act Man Overboard has never been a stranger to writing a large volume of songs. Along with Man Overboard co-vocalist and co-songwriter, Nik Bruzzese the pair penned 90 songs that saw their way onto various Man Overboard releases.

When Man Overboard took a prolonged break in 2015, Zac took that time to focus his attention on something new.

The product was called Bright Green and an EP of acoustic pop-punk songs called “The Highs Are Getting Lower.” While at home during 2016 and 2017 between sporadic touring, Zac took the time to toil over the sound of his new project.

Never content with the status quo or recreating past projects, he created a new batch of songs and brought them to Nik Bruzzese at The Lumberyard Studios in New Jersey.

The result, the “That’s Heaven Behind Me” EP is a departure from the standard pop-punk sound fans have come to expect from Zac.

It’s a sound that is not only darker but more personal than ever before.

The EP reflects the change is Zac’s life from spending nine months a year on the road with Man Overboard, to a life at home and all of the changes that come with it.

In the opening of ‘I Walk Away’ he sings “I won’t sink / I will float with my red apple in my mouth / Should be rotting now,” a nod to the loss of his former band but his eternal ability as a songwriter to carry on and create something new. “That’s Heaven Behind Me,” is Zac Eisenstein finding his home as Bright Green.

“That’s Heaven Behind Me” which is now available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube and anywhere else that digital music is sold or streamed.

Bright Green will be playing various dates in the United States throughout 2017 starting Sept 9th and 10th with State Champs in Jersey City, NJ and Pittsburgh, PA.

Listen to “that’s heaven behind me” here: www.brightgreenmusic.com.



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