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Salvatore Marrano, singer of Thank You Scientist (http://www.ThankYouScientist.net) spoke with us about the new album and the band’s best lyrics…

RYL: Your album “Map of Non-Existent Places” will be released in few weeks – how is going the tour supporting it?

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: Tour’s going great, thanks! Lots of challenges – it’ll certainly be difficult to live up to the standards we set for ourselves every night, but we are up for that challenge. Plus being trapped in a van with 6 of my best friends is pretty awesome.

RYL: Which is your favorite song to play live?


RYL: Is there a common theme among all the lyrics of the album?

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: No common theme. Everything is certainly personal, but I wouldn’t call it a ‘concept’ record.

RYL: How do you write your lyrics?

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: I start with melodies first. After I come up with a solid melody, I’ll hear syllables within those melodies and I write lyrics based on what vibe I get from the song. 

RYL: Is there a verse of one of your songs you like more than the others?

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: I really love the verses of “In the Company of Worms”. I love that song.

RYL: Tell us everything about the song “The Absentee”….

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: As cheesy as it may sound, “The Absentee” is about meeting your ‘soulmate’ and realizing that you can never be together.

RYL: what does “My Famed Disappearing Act” means to you?

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: It means being happy with who you are and the situation you may be in – but knowing that you’re destined for bigger and better things.

RYL: Do you remember the day you wrote “Concrete Swan-dive”? What is the meaning behind “Caught in the pages of bullshit overload”?

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: That song – and that line specifically – is my view on the notion of blind faith. 

RYL: Which is the most important thing in doing music?

THANK YOU SCIENTIST: The most important thing is to be happy with what you’re creating and the people you’re creating it with.

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