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Today we’re introducing María Sol aka Mart1asol, an R&B singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She started her music career professionally at 21 years old with her first EP called “Luvsteps“, and
gained attention from The States. Now she’s back with ‘RIP These Moments.

Mart1asol dropped her debut album in 2019, titled “Beats and Donuts“. Her next single “Ladies” garnered more than 10K streams/views on all platforms. Her follow-up single, “Mad“, (featuring Ginga Soul) gained a wealth of international recognition as well. Her latest single “Waterfalls” put her on the map by reaching the top 2 on R&B charts.

She’s continuing working to change the game as a Latin American artist, who’s part of the American Business Without Borders. With her new single called “RIP These Moments”, she’s preparing new material with the expectation of growing as an upcoming artist.

“Beats and Donuts” Reaches Top 40 American Hits on Spotify (2019)
“Waterfalls” Reaches #1 on Radio Rainbow for two consecutive weeks (2021)
“Waterfalls” Reaches Top 2 on R&B Urban Influencer charts (2021)

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