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Today, Matt Cameron, Grammy Award winning drummer for Soundgardenand Pearl Jam, released his debut solo album titled Cavedweller – PRESS HERE to purchase via iTunes and PRESS HERE to pre-order the vinyl via Pearl Jam’s website.
A very limited number of customers will receive a colored vinyl version. 

Earlier this month, Matt released “Time Can’t Wait”, and this past week, he released “All at Once.” The album was recorded at Matt’s house, the Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, and the Bait Shop in Seattle.

Matt plays drums and bass on a select few tracks on the album, sang vocals and wrote and produced the album.

He then assembled an all-star cast of friends to bring Cavedweller to life, including Bowie’s ★ drummer Mark Giuliana and the album’s bassist Tim Lefebvre.

He also enlisted the help of Alain Johannes on lead guitar for two tracks.


Cavedweller Track Listing:
  1.        Time Can’t Wait
  2.        All at Once
  3.        Blind
  4.        Through the Ceiling
  5.        One Special Lady
  6.        In the Trees
  7.        Into the Fire
  8.        Real and Imagined
  9.        Unnecessary
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