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what you’ll do

You and a friend are off to NYC to experience Bruce Springsteen like never before—up close, personal and in person! You’ll be some of the precious few people lucky enough to watch Bruce’s intimate, acclaimed and ridiculously sold-out show, Springsteen on Broadway. Considered to be his most personal show in decades (and in the smallest venue), you’ll be able to look back and say you saw the performance of the rock legend’s career. As for in person? You’re also going to meet The Boss himself during a private meet and greet and go home with an autographed guitar! So this glory day definitely won’t pass you by. Flights and hotel included.

who you’ll help

The Bob Woodruff Foundation asks people to stand up for heroes so that it can find, fund and shape innovative programs that help impacted veterans, service members and their families thrive. Through your generosity, the Bob Woodruff Foundation can empower veterans to pursue new careers, promote healing for the physical and hidden wounds of war, and—drawing upon their leadership skills developed in uniform—make our our communities better. When veterans and their families succeed, our nation does as well.

 Visit the OMAZE website ! 7 days left!!
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