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On Saturday, December 19th 2020, Mike Peters and The Alarm will host a unique Christmas Gathering Concert beamed live into homes all around the world.

Virtual Tickets for The Alarm’s Christmas Gathering allow exclusive access to the concert broadcast which will be geo-synchronised to locations around the world on Saturday December 19th @ 8pm through a partnership with Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre’s brand new streaming service Moment House.

The Alarm’s Christmas Gathering will run for approximately two hours featuring Mike Peters and The Alarm playing live and electric in a seasonal studio setting, with additional exclusive video content and acoustic performances presented from the Welsh home of Mike and Jules Peters.

The Alarm Christmas Gathering Tickets are on sale now here.

Following the recent and hopeful news of a Covid 19 vaccine, Alarm fans are encouraged to turn this Christmas Gathering into a Gathering Christmas party of their own, celebrate the holiday season in style and say goodbye to what has been a challenging and arduous year for everyone, everywhere.

To be able to bring the band and the fans together at this special time of year and perform a virtual Alarm Gathering concert from our home to yours, is something myself and the band have been dreaming about ever since our collective worlds were turned upside down by the global lockdown earlier in 2020”, says Mike Peters. “This will be an occasion to turn up the volume, wake up the neighbours, crack open the drinks and have a rocking good time at Christmas. I have always loved this time of year, and to think we have this opportunity to all come together as one big Alarm family through the wonders of the internet via Moment House is a Christmas miracle all of it’s own.

The Alarm Christmas Gathering will be beamed live at 8pm on the evening of Saturday December 19th 2020, as part of a special presentation hosted by Mike and Jules Peters who are inviting all Alarm fans to come together in their own homes and celebrate the holiday season in party style with (where possible), their friends and families.

The Christmas Gathering concert will be geo-synchronised, so that fans around the world will have the option of choosing a broadcast time suitable for their location.

The Alarm Christmas Gathering Tickets are on sale now HERE.
The concert will be screened at 8pm in these 5 Global Time Zones.

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