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Staring down a world of possibilities, Mint Green‘s latest single “What I’m Feeling” is a song that’s lush and dreamy like the fantasy of a potential future, but intense like the arena rockiness that can sometimes come with the beginning of something new.

It’s the latest to be released from the Boston, MA band’s debut album ‘All Girls Go To Heaven,’ out on June 3 from Pure Noise Records. Since opening a lush vein of rock with their self-released EPs ‘Growth (2016) and ‘Headspace‘ (2018), Mint Green has formed a tender bond with listeners all over the dizzying highs of crushes, the sting of soiled relationships, and nagging bouts of self-doubt.

All Girls Go To Heaven’ centers around the idea of paradise, but instead of the palm tree sun-soaked image that comes to mind, it’s about discovering what that means to the individual, and how freedom can be found through introspection. Pre-order it HERE.

“Anyone can achieve this so-called “sacred” destination by simply believing that they belong there,” vocalist Ronnica explains. “Or rather, creating their own definition of what heaven is.” 

All Girls Go To Heaven‘ Tracklisting:

1. Against the Grain
2. Body Language
3. What I’m Feeling
4. Make Me Stay
5. Trying
6. Ready
7. Golden
8. Whatever Happens
9. (We) Should Have Spoken
10. Ringtone


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