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On Wednesday 18th March 2020 is the 1 year anniversary of “The Dirt” movie being released. Link https://motleycrue.ffm.to/thedirt
“The Dirt” movie had a bonus outcome of introducing Mötley Crüe’s music to a new audience, and so now for streaming the biggest audience is now between 18 – 34.“The Dirt” movie has been so successful and with the new younger fans it created a whole new fanbase and bringing a  demand for Mötley Crüe to reform and go on tour and have sold over $100,000,000 in tickets since they have gone on sale, and of course the European fans now want the tour to come to Europe.

Some interesting facts…

Nearly half a billion Mötley Crüe streams just on Spotify in the last 12 months since “The Dirt” movie was released.

Some new stats…

  • 460M Streams in the last 12 months on Spotify
  • 72M Streams for ‘The Dirt’ Soundtrack in 12 months on Spotify
  • Instagram followers – now over 1 million
  • Spotify followers – now over 2.4m
  • YouTube views – now over 224,000,000
  • Facebook fans – now over 4m


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