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Globe-trotting and trilingual teen pop prodigy Mozart has debuted her stripped down, acoustic version of “Push You Harder,” a passionate female empowerment anthem about smashing the patriarchy, healing the pain & taking the power back. After just finishing a 10 city solo concert tour in Europe, the release of the track off her upcoming debut EP with Grammy-winning producer Mikal Blue, could not come at a more relevant time as the vocalist lends her voice to her dedicated fans around the world to channel their strength and push back. PRESS HERE to stream.
A prolific singer and songwriter who plays 5 instruments, Mozart was crowned the winner of the International Songwriting and Unsigned artist competition and is fluent & literate in English, Chinese and Spanish, crafting songs in all 3 of her languages. At just 18 years old, Mozart has lived a truly unique and extraordinary life. Although she was born in California, Mozart was raised in 48 countries as her and her family made headlines around the world as the digital nomad family better known as the “Soul Travelers,” who traveled the planet non-stop for 10 years together across 5 continents on $23 a day.
With a clear vision of who she is and where she wants to go, Mozart is ready to carve out her place in popular culture. She recently did a TED Talk, starred in the Brat series “The Talent Show,” won a Best Actress Award for her dramatic lead in the film “Rose,” was featured next to Ariana Grande in her “God is a Woman” music video and recently appeared on MTV songwriting with Bebe Rexha. Additionally, she was a featured singer in both Halsey‘s and Lindsey Stirling‘s documentaries, and has won several film festival awards for writing/filmmaking/editing her music videos of her original songs. 
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