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Australia-born artist AViVA is releasing her latest single for 2022 ‘LONELY’. Stream it HERE.

AViVA’s LONELY’ takes some influence from the upbeat reggae groove, whilst still maintaining the emotional undercurrent fans have known to expect and love with an AViVA track. This new song is a raw, exploration of emotions we all feel at some time in our lives but has especially been pushed upon us over the last 2 years.

With a hook, you won’t be able to get out of your head, and lyrics that everyone can relate to, AViVA is taking us all back to those pivotal moments in our past, that taught us hard lessons, and made us all who we are today– stronger for it.

What AViVA has had to say about ‘LONELY’: “To me there’s a difference between being ‘lonely’ and being ‘alone’. My new song LONELY explores the feelings you get when that line gets crossed. Sometimes it’s okay to feel lonely, even if you’re around other people, just like it’s okay to enjoy being alone sometimes too.

AViVA’s trademark vocal performances, flaunt her effortless flow, and fierce yet vulnerable presence as she gets her message across and the song ends with a headbanging breakdown, that will have you pressing replay before the silence hits.


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