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Renowned for clever storytelling in both his lyricism and videos, 20-year-old rising artist and producer John-Robert shares a new single entitled “Rock Back & Forth” via Nice Life Recording Company / Warner Records. It’s the fourth track to be unveiled from his ‘Healthy Baby Boy, Part 1′ project, now set for release on April 2, 2021.  Listen to “Rock Back & Forth” HERE.  Pre-order/Pre-save ‘Healthy Baby Boy, Part 1’ HERE.
On “Rock Back & Forth,” a smooth clean guitar riff underscores his breathy verses before blossoming into a simmering hook, “They just don’t move like you move, they just don’t dance like you do.” In the accompanying visual, he moves in a myriad of ways, attending an aerial physique teacher training session, pole dance workout, and even roller skating by the beach.
About “Rock Back & Forth,” he explained, “I wrote this tune after watching Dirty Dancing with my previous partner. I adored how she was able to express herself through dance. I never felt comfortable dancing myself, but it was a joy to watch someone else be so liberated. ‘Rock Back & Forth’ was assurance for my partner. Even though there are other beautiful people in the world, what you love about your partner is their nuances, individuality, and unique style. I thought I would discover different forms of movement to see if it’d help with my own self-confidence. I hope other people can take courage if they’re as uncomfortable with dance as I am.
The music of ‘Healthy Baby Boy, Part 1′ relays the artist’s coming-of-age whisked out of obscurity in Edinburg, VA by mega-producer Ricky Reed and trading a town of 1,000 residents for Los Angeles where the budding talent is now making a lifelong dream a reality.
Most recently, he unveiled “Damn Bean” with a Pulp Fiction-inspired music video. Prior, John-Robert dropped USMO, an acronym short for “You Should Move On” and set the stage for ‘Healthy Baby Boy, Part 1′ with the release of title track Healthy Baby Boy last October.
At age 16, John-Robert was invited out to L.A. by Reed, who’s described him as “a transcendent, once-in-a-generation singer and songwriter.” Sure enough, John-Robert’s 2019 independent release “Adeline” has amassed over 3 million streams and garnered fans like Camila Cabello, who posted an Instagram story praising it. Last year, he recorded a breathtaking rendition of Fiona Apple’s Criminal for the Recording Academy’s® “ReImaginedvideo series. In May, he released his debut EP, ‘Bailey Barely Knew Me,’ featuring “Adeline” and other standout tracks.
Healthy Baby Boy, Part 1′ tracklisting:
1.     Healthy Baby Boy
2.     Damn Bean
3.     USMO
4.     Move It To The Side
5.     Novia Scotia
6.     Rock Back & Forth
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