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how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?
Songwriting is somewhat a flexible thing to practice as an artist, because personally speaking,
I can never pick one particular technique to write my lyrics/songs. Depending on how I feel on the day or throughout the week, I either use an instrument (Keys or Guitar), get a sudden melody in my head and temporarily record it with a voice note, or head to the studio and have a writing session with Rayan, my producer.
It’s a very creative process and it all depends on where the inspiration stems from.
what does music mean for you?
As cliche as it sounds, it definitely is a means of expression.
Realistically speaking, you’ll never walk around and express your emotions to strangers walking down the street.
So music for me is a way to speak my mind and reach out to an audience, it’s a way to connect to people and make them feel the way I feel when I relate to my favorite artists singing about their most delicate and personal thoughts.
what is the best verse you ever wrote?
I really enjoy writing each and every song, because every track entails a certain emotion or a moment in time. I can’t ever replace it or have any preferences.
we heard your music first time in Dubai at the Boom Room, what do you remember of that night?
Probably my favorite show just yet!
I was sharing the night with 3 of the most incredible artists and friends; Dj Liutik, Hamza Hawsawi and Rayan Bailouni.
It was my first performance here in Dubai and I got to perform Alter Ego tracks for the first time in front of family and friends.
This Boom Room event is a taste of what Dubai, and the region in general, should be aiming for on a regular basis.
As artists, that’s the level that we should be experiencing when it comes to performances and showcases.
Biggest shoutout to the person who made that night happen, Big Hass. Our favorite influencer and leader!
What inspired Ocean on Fire?
The inspiration for this track is a collection of memories that stem from past relationships.
A trip down memory lane, if you will. I wrote this song while I was reminiscing or questioning all the times that a certain relationship or a person that was once so close to me suddenly became a stranger.
Something most of us, if not all of us, experience at least once in our lifetime.
and “Breathe a Little”?
Breathe A Little was the first song I’ve ever written with my guitar.
It was before Alter Ego and before everything else.
As a beginner, you face many doubts and self-inflicted questions. “Am I good enough? Is this path worth taking? Will it get me anywhere in life?”
So Breathe A Little was a way for me to remind myself, and anybody else going through the same thing, to take a step back, take a breath, and continue with a positive outlook towards life. It’ll all pay off one day.
do you remember how “Right by You” has been created?
Yes! I’ll never forget how Right By You started.
I was driving to the studio one evening and humming a few melodies in my car, the words came first and the melody followed, I immediately recorded it with my phone and showed it to Rayan.
Still so surprising to see that it was the track that got everybody to sing along during my performances.
can you share with us your future projects?
A lot of really exciting projects coming. New releases and fresh ideas. You’ll hear about it very soon!
what is the most important thing in life?
Family. There will never be anything that tops the connection I create with your family, be it blood related or not.
The people who truly believe in you and unconditionally support you are the ones that matter the most, all the music and all the dreams achieved won’t mean much if you don’t have the right people to share it with.
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