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Following last year’s ‘Pearl’ EP, French born singer NUUXS today announces the release of her brand single ‘No Good For Me, a supernaturally catchy, low-slung R&B offering.


NUUXS sets forward a track that is universally empathetic to not just self-care but almost to never reciprocate someone’s negativity.

“This song is about allowing yourself to cut certain toxic people out of your life. We’re often made to feel guilty and hurt from other people’s insecurities and you can end up absorbing that negativity. It’s about being empowered and standing up for yourself.”


Listen to ‘No Good To Me’ here


An effortless storyteller with a pure and unfiltered singing talent and songwriting ability, ‘No Good For Me’ is a vivid snapshot of NUUXS’ journey from ridding her life of ruling characters and finding a new empowerment in life.

Quietly charaismatic, NUUXS is ballsy in attitude and approach. NUUXS’ musical influences are undoubtedly shaped by her ever-changing surroundings, as much as she is.

Her journey began writing hooks for grime artists that she went to school with. She later joined a number of bands where she experienced jazz, funk and indie music, throwing everything into the melting pot of her burgeoning career.

Ever determined, NUUXS reached out to music producers, before being noticed by Jake Gosling (Ed Sheeran, The Libertines and James Bay) at a writing camp through their publisher, Bucks. Despite not instantly creating a creative partnership Jake “kept an eye” on her work and as she evolved Jake signed her to his Goldun Egg label.


The one thing she’s held closest to her heart is to never give up. Her new single, ‘No Good For Me’, touches upon personal experience. Something which she bases all her songs upon. Get ready to hear a lot more from her.


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