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What inspired your new song “burn,baby”?

“burn,baby” lyrically sort of fantasizes about allowing everything to crash down (burn) so it can be rebuilt.

It’s about a generation of entitlement…everyone thinks they’re so important behind a cell phone, behind a screen.

People think they’re invincible and that their actions don’t have repercussions.

It’s a dangerous spiral.  It’s especially dangerous for young people/children who don’t have a proper grasp on reality yet.

And sometimes unfortunately there’s not much you can do about that – you just have to let it bite itself in the a##.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


To be honest, I’m more of a melody guy.  And I like how words sound.  But once I have a theme…something to go off of that excites me, it’s *usually* pretty easy to let it flow from there.

You never know what’s going to start it, though.  I’m not good at being sat down and told “write a song!”.

It sort of just comes naturally when it wants to.

My phone is FULL of lyrics and audio clips!


Tell us more about your new album that will be released next spring…..


Well it’s going to be 13 songs.  It’s detuned a little bit lower than our previous stuff.  So maybe a littler heavier?

But also a little poppier.  A couple people told me “if you took away ‘Music At The Mansion’ (our final full length before the hiatus), this record would fit in perfect right after ‘Balladry’”.

And I sort of agree with that.  It returns to our roots in a lot of ways…the way we want to sound as opposed to the way we’re told to sound.

I can also tell you that I’m recording all of the instrumentation (minus drums) myself!

So it’s more freedom but it’s also a lot of work.  Know any guitar players??


Is there a link, lyrically speaking, between all the songs of your album?


Not to sound cheesy…but I think there is a definite them of taking the throne back on this album.

It’s about going away, realizing what it is you want, and then coming back bigger and stronger and making it yours.

The opening track is called “KFL” (King For Life)…the second track is “Homecoming”.

Those pretty much set the pace, more or less.


What is the first record you bought? Do you remember where you bought it?


Hmmm…if we’re talking CDs, I remember exactly.

I bought the first Ace of Base CD and Counting Crows “August and Everything After” at the same time.

Man, that Counting Crows album still blows my mind.  Every song.  Come to think of it, I can still rock some Ace of Base, too!


What does music mean for you?


I don’t know.  It’s built into me.

Sometimes I hate music lol.  Sometimes all I want is silence.  Or sometimes I get so frustrated with song writing that I never want to do it again.

But as soon as I leave it alone, there it is again.  It never goes away.  I’m constantly singing songs in my head.

It’s just the best way for me to feel.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


To be honest, the new album has some of my favorite lyrics on it!

As far as full  verse concepts in general, I love “Worth It” (which is actually our next release).

But the opening 4 lines of the new album might be my favorite words I’ve ever written.  You’ll have to wait and see.


And the one of your favorite song (not written by you)?


It’s no secret that my favorite song of all time is “Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode.  Just…how the hell do you write that??

No matter how many times I listen to that song…allll the feels.

They captured a ghost.  I dare someone to top that song for me.

Any plan to be on tour?


Nothing yet.  It’s still so early…we only conceived of a new album this past May (2017).

And as previously mentioned, we would need a guitar player and a team, and some serious work on our chops.  That being said, let’s not count it out for 2018!

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