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Is there a link, lyrically speaking, among all the songs of your upcoming EP? 

We didn’t start out with a real plan or direction for them, the point of writing them was to keep the 3 of us busy playing music.

So I guess I was trying to figure out what they were for as we wrote them too…looking back on them and reading them I think I was trying to convey an existential crisis I was experiencing.


how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


As we work on music I’ll usually hear particular words or phrases that fit with the rhythm and progressions of the music, or I’ll have a melody in mind that I’ll try to put words to.

I’ll usually record an acoustic version on my phone and just listen to it over and over and try different ideas in my head.

Sometimes it is painstakingly slow, other times I’ll have a “breakthrough” and it will all come out at once.


What inspired “sweet and sour”?


Sweet and sour was mostly inspired by the feeling of continuing love in the face of adversity.

For me personally relate it to continuing focus on music even though it’s not a terribly well paid or reliable profession.

It’s always been what I’ve cared about first and foremost in my life, even when the universe doesn’t seem like it’s working in my favor. “Do you feel like you’re making plans against contrary influence? Does it make a difference?”


 and “ Float On”?

Float on was mostly inspired by a mushroom tea trip I had with Kory (our drummer) at our recording studio.

I felt like I made a breakthrough in putting some things in my life in perspective and the lyrics just kinda came out in a stream of conscience type fashion.

what is the best verse you ever wrote?


It depends on the day. Different ones speak to me more or less depending on what else is going on in my life.

what does music mean for you?


To me music is the universal unifier. It’s a time capsule that I document my human experience through. It’s my favorite thing in the world.

what makes you upset ?

Capitalism. The system that enslaves us daily and devours our time and lives with the single purpose of perpetuating itself…also racism, homophobia, classism, entitlement.

tell us about the upcoming tour…


Next week we leave for a tour with our label mate JD (Self, Help Me) and our friend-to-be Bobby (The PromiseHero).

The members of this band have all done a good bit of touring together in other projects, but this will be our first proper (anything longer than a weekend(or long weekend)) tour together.

I’m excited to share our music with new people and hope it’s well received!
do you remember the day you wrote “Out of Body”?


Yes. We wrote most of that song in our old landlords dingy basement. We had a very connective practice and wrote most of it in one night.

We had a show coming up and reeeeeeally wanted to be able to play 5 of our own songs, and also knew that once we finished that 5th song we’d have an EP’s worth of material written.

When I think back to that time it felt like we had been running a writing marathon and that song was the final stretch that we finished strong(in my opinion)!



photo cred: Nikki Weems

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