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Tell us more about your new EP, how was the process of making it?


The process was pretty long and punishing.

We had just lost our drummer around early 2016 when he had most of the record ready to go. Coming from a small town, drummers who can shred and are ready to tour and record are hard to come by.

We knew the new songs ripped and we didn’t want to wait months before getting into recording so it turned out to be a process of flying back and forth to the east coast to put the record together with our friend Chas Levi from Justice for the Damned on drums and Elliott Gallart Chameleon Sound on Production.

After that, deciding on a label that suited us as people and the goals we wanted to achieve and finally releasing the thing was a long process.

In the end, it worked out for the best as we are a much tighter unit and in a much more capable position as a band now.


Among all the songs which is the most important for you? Why?

From these songs, Violated is the song that is the most important and the most personal for me.

I have no intention of getting into the habit of explaining things any further than the lyrics already do, the rest is subject to interpretation.

Tell us more about the song Discarded…

Discarded is a song about abandonment told from two perspectives.

A lot of the lyrics on the record examine moral questions about using trauma as a justification for negative behaviours.

What is metal music for you?


The metal music we play is about rawness, energy and aggression. The manifestation of the ugliest parts of our lives.


Which is the most important lyric you ever wrote?


The lyrics at the end of Enslaved are my favourite that I’ve written.

That song was written at a bulls##t time for all of us and when it came time to write those lyrics, they just exploded out, there was a degree of catharsis in capturing exactly what I was experiencing.


What you want to communicate with the song “broken”?


Broken is a song about the brutality of war and how detatched we are to it as spectators.

The song seems particularly poignant now as the US and North Korea sit on the brink of nuclear war.

There is a running narrative throughout the Cycle of Grief and this was intended to contextualize the rest of the album.


You are currently on tour… How is it going? And what do you expect from the upcoming EU tour?


We’re currently out with Thy Art is Murder, Alpha Wolf and Deadlights.

So far every show has sold out which has been tight.

Every band on the tour has either just released or is about to release a new record.

Playing such a mixed bill has been very refreshing, it’s good to see heavy music with a bit of diversity.

Which was the best gig?

Any show without a fu##ing barrier


What is your most best kept secret?

It’s not a secret if I tell you


The best lyric ever written for a song….

That one Unearth song where he says “Uuuurh, Breakdown” before the breakdown.


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