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how do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I rarely sit down to write song lyrics, per se. I usually begin to write whatever it is I feel i need to express in that moment, and then be as honest as possible.

Once i begin writing the music, I usually already have quite a bit to draw from lyrically and then the song begins to form.


tell us more about your new EP “Saents”……


We’re really proud of it.  Stephen Keech is an amazing producer, and was pivotal in the making of the record.

My bandmate Daniel Sousa is an absolutely incredible musician, and we always seem to be going in the same direction musically.

We cut everything live; no click, no computer wizardry. We made the record in two days front to back, which is the only way i like to work. When you go so quickly it forces you to trust your instincts.

But you have to live with the results!!


what inspired “Blood”?

‘Blood’ is very much a first person account of who I was up to that moment, a letter to myself, in ways that I’ve always felt but needed to hear myself say to truly acknowledge.”

He adds, “The way the drums hit between the vocal lines really mimics the way life can hit us all. Especially while living the moments being described lyrically.

The manic way the guitar solo builds is very much a representation of how relationships and our extreme feelings can, at times, run out of control.


 what is the best verse you ever wrote?


I could never choose! Our words are like our children, and no one thinks their own children are ugly.  However, on the song “Lay Me Down” the first verse sticks out to me.

“the days and nights are all the same

We’re all empty faces, love, so there’s no one to blame

I’m trudging through the past as a man i’ve never known

While the future burns a hole in your heart we both call home”


and the one of your favorite song? 


At the moment, I’ll go with Sonny Boy Williamson – Keep it to Yourself.


what does music mean to you?


Joy, Pain, Relief, Heartbreak, Love, but in the end music means life.


do you remember the day you wrote “Twenty Three, I’m Gone”?


I do, however, that song is so personal I’m not going to tell you! It’s important the listener is able to make the song their own, without me telling them how or what they should feel.


what makes you happy in life?


Dopamine and Seretonin


what is the best thing of being on tour ?


The best thing is definitely the shows!

Getting to play and express your truest-self on a nightly basis, all while getting to meet new people is hard to beat.



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