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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

We just sing a melody and find a topic..from there, we write lyrics that are inspired about. It mostly is about rock n roll, dark crypt, occult ceremonies, and sexy babes. All of this more in a fan and a fun way :  we are not satanist or whatever, we just like the vibe !


What is the best verse you ever wrote?


« Behind the wall of sleep, / an evil woman warned me there / Paranoid and all dressed in black, /she took me to the Lord of this world. «  from the song « The Sabbath » on our 1st EP. It’s just an homage to who you know.


And the one of your favorite song ?

« Born with insight and a raised fist / A witness to the slit wrist / As we,move into ’92 / Still in a room without a view / Ya go t to know, ya got to know / That when I say go, go, go! / Amp up and amplify / Defy, I’m a brother with a furious mind/ Action must be taken /We don’t need the key, we’ll break in » …So you know your enemy.


Can you tell us more about the song “Young Knife”?

Yes, we just had cool riff that did not work at first. The song sounded like an old school AC/DC song… So we work hard on this one, to keep the main riff and have a fuzzy vibe mixed with Rolling Stones-like bridge…The lyrics are about an occult knife that comes to life to cut you down, baby !


What inspired “moonshiner » ?

The song just went on the drums rythm from the beginning and the we played along and the song was born.

The chorus leads to the moon. Moonshiner also refers to the illegal alcohol made in the crypts back in the days. And we like the crypts.
It was also a nice word that summed up a lot about the EP, so we chose it to name the EP after that song.


Are you happy about the success your EP is obtaining so far?

Yes, we had many pre-orders for this EP in march and also very good press reviews with from all over the world (thank you Internet).
It had good response live as well.

We are even more proud that we didn’t really plan a record, It was in between 2 tours : we grabbed a few mics and press play on 8 tracks recorder !

We also got better on this record with the vocals and the fuzz after having more experience of touring together.


Do you remember the day you wrote “The One”?

Yes the melody from the chorus poped up in my head so picked up the guitar and wrote it down. Then we played it together and it was easily here !

We like catchy songs that stays in your mind. We can hear it sang by some people in the audience after every show  !


What music means to you?

We can say : everything ! We both live by and for the music. Unfortunately not from it, but this is our main passion and it’s everywhere in our lives.


What makes you happy in life?

Music ! And also friends, family, good beer and all the package you know.

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