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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

Most of the time, I write melodies first and let the music inspire the words.

I have an idea in mind what i want to sing about and we make sure that the music reflects the meaning of the song.

After I write initial melodies and lyrics, we go through it and make sure that everything flows and fits together, so music and the words become one!


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

Well maybe you can answer that better then me 🙂

I t really put my heart and soul into everything i write.

I guess one of the verses that holds deep meaning to me is the verse from our song “Mystery” it goes:

“I call on the maker, Our creator
I stand here before you, In this beautiful tragedy
You gave us our spirit, but why did you poison
The purity of, what could have been
Without hate, without wars, where the innocent don’t fall
But instead you gave us choice, our freedom, our curse. ”

Also, the line from Dust To Dust, “we can be fearless, we can be limitless, move through the hurricane, live through it all.”
I think human mind is very powerful and if we tune into it, we can be fearless and limitless!

And the one of your favorite song ?

I love so many different songs from so many different styles of music of different eras, hard questions!

Right now I really love the song Acid Rain by Avenge Sevenfold, as you might have guessed I like powerful rock/metal ballads 🙂


Can you tell us more about the song “Alive”?

We love playing Alive at our shows, there so much energy in this song and it always gets everyone moving and feeling alive 🙂  It’s about how we live in a digital world, and even though it may seem like technology is moving us ahead, we move further away from our humanity.

We get lost in our constant race for time, money, power and it’s easy to forget to experience life! Life moves by quick, one day we can wake up and ten years went by in a blink of an eye!

With this song we want to encourage people to take a moment in their day to take a breath, connect with others, enjoy nature, or city or whatever it may be, and acknowledge the gift of life and of course, rock out with the music 🙂

What inspired “Mystery”?

I guess I always wanted to write a song about this, in a way to remind myself and hopefully others who are going through hard times, that without the dark we wouldn’t recognize the light.
This song is dedicated to my cousin, Oganes Georgiyan, he lost his life in a plane crash  dec 25 2016, TU 154 carrying the Red Army choir.

He was an amazing opera singer, wonderful father and husband and beloved cousin, full of life! So when things like this happen, it makes you question things, and it can drive you crazy.

But we have to keep living and appreciate every breath we take, and remember that we are all experiencing the highs and lows of this mystery we call life together!


Are you happy about the success your EP is obtaining so far?

Yes, we’ve had a great response from our fans, from music critiques, it got on the billboard charts, we’ve been getting so many new fans that are enjoying the music, and it’s the greatest feeling as an artist to hear that your music holds some significance to others


Do you remember the day you wrote “in a dream”?

Yes, very well! It was the first song that Dave and I wrote together, we were struggling to find our sound and were still figuring out how to write together.

I remember Dave recorded some of the guitar melody and the chords you hear in the chorus, I was listening to it on my phone in Starbucks parking lot and the whole song kind of came to me, I went back to our home studio right away and recorded it, it was just pure emotion and feeling, its very rare that the song just writes itself! When Dave heard it, we knew we had something there.

This is also the first time where I started incorporating the keyboard, first time we got to work with Michael Wagener, who had an important role in helping shape our sound, especially for our album, Immortal Waltz.

So In A Dream really opened up the way to our music, and it will always be very special to me 🙂


What music means to you?

I think music is so powerful, it can bring people together, evoke strong emotion, can influence change, it’s a universal language.

To me music was always a huge part of me, that’s how I connect with people, how I express myself! But most of all, I hope my music can have a positive impact on someone!

I love people and I think we are here on this earth to help each other grow! People really inspire me, so I hope i can inspire them with my music!

What makes you happy in life?

Bringing joy to other people, being able to inspire others, seeing people close to me happy. I love being in nature and I love being in cities, seeing what humanity have created throughout the decades. And of course playing and creating music that i hope will bring some happiness to others!

I also want to say Im so lucky to have great band mates, and we have so much fun on tour! Dave Bates on guitar, John Chominsky on drums, David Ruiz (taco 😉 on guitar, Nick Ericson on bass. We look forward to reaching more places and meeting more amazing people!

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