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Diverse music duo with a unified sound, Xuitcasecity (pronounced Suitcase City), is officially unpacking their bags and marking their territory in the music industry. Comprised of young recording artists and music producers Mike Gomes and Cam Young, the biracial pair brings forth diversity with their seamless fusion of Pop, HipHop and Electro music genres, crafted with authentic instruments and digital sounds to create nostalgic records for all walks of life. Following the release of their wildly successful debut EP “INDXGO” (Entertainment One, 2017), Xuitcasecity will be releasing their sophomore album “CXTY NIGHTS” in November 2018. 

The duo has already released a few singles off of their new EP, including the popular track “Famous” with The Mighty Riot, “Die Young” and “Waiting For” (as featured on Spotify’s New Music Friday Playlist) – giving the audience a taste of what’s to come. They’ve additionally recently paired up with Mia Vaile to release their tri-fold electro-pop single “Your Termsft. House of Wolves – highlighting Mia’s delicate vocals and peppered with the juxtaposing rap and vibrato verses from Xuitcasecity. Generating a fresh and completely unique sound wave, Xuitcasecity has crafted an intricately creative music style that boasts originality, honest lyrics and addictive production.
Their new music video for “Die Young” celebrates the duo’s robust work ethic, laced with a sweet ride and a sweet lady (in the form of a blow-up doll). The single is a millennial anthem about working hard to accomplish your dreams at a young age and prevailing through the hardships. Throughout the desert-oriented music video the pair creates their very own paradise island out of pure isolation. The video goes to show that with perseverance and a labor of love, a vacation can be produced from any vacated area.
The biracial duo has been breaking boundaries, with their ability to create a sound that touches a wide audience by seamlessly threading together numerous genres into a singular track. With their latest singles and forthcoming EP “CXTY NIGHTS”, they hope to use their message to spread positivity and unify humans as a whole as opposed to being classified through different races – and ultimately show fans that it’s not about where you start out or what you go through, it’s about where you end up.
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