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Small Talks just released their new single “Quiet Sounds“!

Quiet Sounds is a reflection of a you and me against the world relationship. I wrote about the things I cherish most in a relationship and how building that intimacy with someone gives me the privilege of not having to deal with things alone. For example having someone close enough to me that they know how to calm my anxieties. Despite all the good things about love, sharing your life with someone can cause you to change your routine to make room for someone else. I wanted to bring that up because individuality is very important to me. It’s an internal battle for me because I fall in love easily and I hyperfocus on that person’s happiness, but in the back of my mind I wonder if I’d be able to grow more as an individual if I didn’t have to consider other people when making choices for myself and my life. I called the song quiet sounds because despite the craving for total independence, at the end of the day or in the quiet moments, it isn’t freedom on my mind. It’s the people I love.” – Cayley

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