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The collaboration between Snow Tha Product and the Mexican rapper Alemán happened organically when they met via Instagram and from Snow’s desire to collaborate with one of Mexico’s most renown and respected rappers given she has earned the same title here in the U.S. for her talent as a rapper and lyricist.

He’s an amazingly talented artist and we have the same vibe as far as live shows so that’s why I felt this would be the perfect collaboration,” says Snow.Aleman’s style is the perfect mixture between the most vicious crudity of the Mexican streets and the smartest blend of pop, with an identity that perfectly embodies what it means to be a Mexican millennial; not only because he personifies all the clichés implicit in the word when you’re an artist but because of the way he conquers all social media platforms, constantly being a trending topic, and his songs which are prototypes of Latin Trap.  His music is a living symbol of what it is like to be young and from one the roughest neighborhoods of Mexico. He represents a legion of youngins who grew up without opportunities in a world of violence, money and drugs but also show loyalty, prove their talent, entrepreneurial skills and a complete detachment from institutions.


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