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tell us more about your upcoming projects.


Alongside more gigs I’m busy in the studio writing and recording an album. The concept I started with is starting to take it’s shape and I’m really enjoying the process of putting it all together!



are you satisfied of the success of public you obtained so far?


So far the response has been great! It’s got me really excited to put out more new music.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?


I’ve always got to find the subject matter first! Once I know where the songs coming from I tend to write my best lyrics.


do you remember the day you wrote “Undine Beauty” and “Live a Lie”?


Yeah, “Undine Beauty” and “Live A Lie” were both written down in Brighton during the same studio session.

We had been playing around with a few ideas but nothing was sticking and all of sudden both these songs came out of nowhere!


what is the best verse you ever wrote?


The best verse I’ve written is on a track called prelude. It goes:


Division imprisons us all

In prayer and in pigment

We are caught

In kaleidoscope

Because this kind of freedom

Raises walls on civilians

‘Hind locked doors

So what do you ignore?


and what’s your favorite song ?


I always find it hard to pick a favourite song but I always find myself coming back to ‘Dance Yrself Clean’ by LCD Soundsystem


what does music mean for you?


For me, music means everything. It gives me a outlet to express what I’m thinking and feeling which is important for people to do

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