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South African indie-soul singer songwriter Nick Leng shares “Fine Little Rhythm.” The single is out now on SOTA Records.

Describing the song, Leng says: <<“Fine Little Rhythm” is a song about the pulse of a relationship. The push and pull, the ebb and flow. A song to dance and move to.>>

Sometimes, you have to explore the most painful moments of your life to release your most inspiring contemplations about it. For musician Nick Leng, this came after an emotional breakup, apartment fire and subsequent loss of a friend,  which led him on a journey through wistfulness, isolation, and ultimately a renewal of spirit. His diligence paid off with the release of his powerful debut LP, ‘LEMONS’ in April 2020 on SOTA Records. An album precise even in its idiosyncrasies featuring a heady mix of throwback dream-pop, classically routed, singer-songwriter introspection, and beat-driven whimsy.

The South African born, Los Angeles-based artist’s single comes after his debut LP, Lemons. Stream it HERE.


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