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Returning with yet another unforgettable vibe, NLE Choppa unveils the music video for “Picture Me Grapin’.” The song is featured on his latest critically-acclaimed mixtape From Dark to Light [No Love Entertainment/Warner Records]—available HERE.
NLE Choppa linked up with Ben Marc to co-direct and present the throwback visual. The clip calls back to the golden age of MTV with its sunny West Coast landscapes, ice-cold choreography, and the kind of wild party you’d see in a classic nineties hip-hop video. Not to mention, he cruises L.A. in a purple old school low-rider! As for the song itself, the production nods to 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me staple “Picture Me Rollin’,” while NLE Choppa shouts out Tupac and reenacts scenes from his infamous videos.
Speaking of Pac, to celebrate the premiere of “Picture Me Grapin,” NLE Choppa also joined forces with influential designer Karl Kani in order to reimagine a handful of iconic 2Pac images, including shots with the “Thug Life” overalls and navy-blue Karl Kani hooded sweatshirt. NLE Choppa dons classic Karl Kani looks in the photos in tribute to the legend.
The video notably made its debut at 11:11am CT. An avowed student of numerology, NLE Choppa recognizes 11:11 as a moment of energy shift. That shift is definitely in his favor as he continues to create at a prolific pace. In December, he dropped “Protect,” which has already amassed over 3.4 million streams and 1.1 million YouTube views on the music video.
NLE Choppa continues to push himself and the culture forward. He crashed the Top 10 of the Billboard Top 200 with his debut albumTop Shotta. He notably achieved a record run of 24 weeks atop Billboard’s Emerging Artists Chart. To date, he has gathered 3 billion-plus global streams, six RIAA-certified plaques, a spot on the 2020 XXL Freshman list, and a nomination for the 2020 BET Hip-Hop Awards’ “Best New Artist.”
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