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What inspired the verses of “Black Dog”,  song released from your upcoming album?

‘Black Dog’ was inspired by a point in my life where my mental health was getting in the way of me facing up to the commitments of a long term relationship.

I think things like that can always scare people, particularly if you’re quite used to running from adult responsibilities like most musicians!

The song is in three stages, separated by each pre chorus section (‘I would rather be together, but i’m tired/complicated/trying’). The song was built outwards from the middle section which is sung by Phoebe.


How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

With great difficulty, it’s the hardest part for me.

The ultimate goal for me is to put across lyrics which are detailed, but still hidden within a cloud of mystery enough for audience to pull their own meaning from the song.

I try often to write, journal and read to pull influences from different texts, and I also enjoy watching films/ tv series to pull ideas from.

Most of the lyrics on ‘No Discordance’ are very personal though, but when we were writing the album I wanted a sense of transparency to them. This is where I was, and this is who I am now.


What the last song you wrote was about?

The last song we wrote was ‘Nancy Downs’.

The story of the song follows a friend of mine, who from my perspective was never happy with herself because of the choices she had made.

We dig our own graves, but we can decide how deep it will be by throwing out some old baggage. Plus there’s a load of witchcraft imagery within the lyrics, hence we decided to call the track ‘Nancy Downs’ after one of our favourite movie characters from ‘The Craft’.


Is passion for music something that runs in your family or you are the first one?

My Grandad played the Organ, and my Sister also played the clarinet for a while.

My father – although dabbling on the guitar here and there, he’s mainly a music listener. Most of the music I listen to nowadays is because my father and his music tastes had such a strong influence on me growing up.


What are you planning for 2018?

Tour ! Tour ! Tour ! we’ve done a few February release shows to coincide with the album, followed by some shows in March with our friends The Stayawakes (pay attention Get Up Kids fans!).

We’re taking a little break in April for work commitments, but we’re then back out in europe during May and June.

Followed by a few dates in July, and another UK tour in August i’m not allowed to talk about yet! After this, we’ll be winding down by writing our next record. We’d like to write and record a quick follow up to ‘No Discordance’, which is heavier, gutsier and fuzzier. But we’ll see where that takes us!


Can you tell us about the lyrics of “300 cigarettes”?

‘300 Cigarettes’ is about people who befriend others, only later to dispose of them when they’ve sucked them dry of their support, commitment and feelings.


Do you remember the day you wrote “ Nancy Downs”?

Me and Tony spent a long time getting the music right to this, we had various ideas we later mashed together and it seemed to work!

The lyrics came along slowly, actually built around while we were practicing and perfecting it. It was done pretty much two weeks before our final studio session. We practiced it up, road tested it a couple times, then recorded it down with Time @ Southsea Sound!


What is the best lyric ever written for a song? (not by you)

Difficult, but the ones that always give me chills is the whole last section of ‘Jungleland’ by Bruce Springsteen


Are you ever scared of revealing, aspects of your  personal experience, to strangers through your music?

It was scary at first, but I believe the new album (and the first time we’ve released something with a lyrics sheet!) opened up a new way of talking and interacting with people who ask me about my lyrics.

I’m not the most confident person, so to share these experiences is always going to be difficult.

But fans who have demanded I put a lyric sheet into our releases, and comment on how connected they feel to the writing really helps me to feel like i’m good enough to share it with them.


What is the best verse you ever wrote?

For me, section before the last chorus in ‘Sometimes Dead Is Better’ which calls back to the lyrics in the first verse:

‘Just tonight, lets forget all of this
Turn your back into modulate
Prepare your ears for the static hum
Purge your brain with resonance’


If you had to use only one word to define your new album “No Discordance”, which one would it be?



Harker are:
Mark Boniface– guitar & vocals
Phoebe Saunders – bass & vocals
Tony Ware – guitar
Matt Claxton – drums

Harker online:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HRKRUK/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HRKRUK
Web: http://www.hrkr.co.uk/

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