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We didn’t know Noel Gallagher was going to tour in 2013, so we were surprised when we found out about a concert organised in Dubai with opening act of another big of the Brit Pop genre Richard Ashcroft (the Verve).

We bought his new album “High Flying Birds” maybe few  months before and it is definitively one of those you love at first sight, it is the first studio album  after his departure from Oasis.

The night was great; as you are now used , Rock Your Lyrics brought you on the first rows, we had so much fun, everything was incredible,  despite few completely drunk ladies on our back (thank you once again for pouring beers on our back on all time 😉 ) but this is part of the rock and roll experience! (…..isn’t?)


We would have liked more interaction from Noel…..it was quite distant…..we definitively suggest more gig 😉 !!!

“Dream On”, “If I had a gun”and “Everybody is on the run” are our favourite songs of the album and the ones we decided to share with you today….. more to come in our YouTube channel (stay tuned!!!)




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