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Your last EP was titled “raw ” and goes back to 2015 right?  What it represented in your career?

The Raw EP was a project we did to get a handful of songs I’d written and loved out into the world.

It was raw  in the sense that it was stripped down musically, showing the bare bones of the song, but in tandem with that, it was raw in the sense that the stripped nature allowed the nakedness of a lot of those lyrics to show.

They were honest and human.


what is the most difficult thing in today’s music business?

There’s so many talented people who have access to platforms in which they can truly be heard.

Its not that the talent is more vast than it was years ago, it’s just that technology allows more of that talent to come to the surface.

The competition is so layered.


can you tell us how you usually write the lyrics of your songs ?

Handwritten. I journal a lot. So a lot of ideas form from venting about something or just doodling and playing with words, but good conversation is the best way to come up with lyrics.

The times you go deep with friends and really listen, you’d be amazed the kind of poetic knowledge that comes out.


what inspired “Nostalgia” your new song?

I’m one of the most nostalgic people I know–besides my sister or my dad. We all love dwelling on great memories.

That’s what life’s about. It’s why I love photography so much too.

You can capture moments that you can never really go back to, but they are like a glimmer of a time machine. “Nostalgia” really came from a guitar loop that my husband had created.

I heard it and it just took me somewhere.

I was in high school, or in my backyard as a kid. I couldn’t place it, but once the three of us (Mike Reaves, Steph Jones & myself) talked it out, we realized it just felt like nostalgia–it personified it.


when you write the lyrics of your songs is there an object that it is always with you?

There’s not so much a physical object as there is a mentality.

When I’m writing lyrics, I’m not just looking for what’s catchy or what’s relatable. I’m looking for what’s gonna make you feel something in your gut.

when you wrote your last song (not published)?

I wrote a song today that I love.


what is the best lyric you ever wrote?

Wow. I’m gonna say one and then tomorrow I’ll be like, “Damnit, this one is way better.”

We all try to out-write ourselves everyday. But if I had to choose, it would be my song “The Part They Don’t Tell You.

” The opening line is, “I’m a caged bird waiting to feel the world that I see. Tied like an old string, fraying at the endings.

Feel like a cold bath, hours after first splash. And they all say why you’ll do great things with your life. This is the part that they don’t tell you.”


and the one of your favorite all time song?

I love love love the imagery in “America” by Simon & Garfunkel. It’s always felt like a magical journey to me.

what was the biggest difficulty you had to face in your career?

I lost one of my best friends while I was on tour. I had a week of tour left before I could go home, so I had to learn how to get through shows and be the best entertainer I could be despite my grieving.


and the best moment?

I had a video premiere-screening of “Nostalgia” in my backyard for a bunch of my friends the night before the video was released.

I made popcorn and bought bottled Coke and ice cream sandwiches. All of them cheering and applauding after the video finished was one of the best feelings in the world.

Big stages and record deals are all exciting in a career, but sharing that moment with my champions, that’s gonna be a memory I never forget.

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