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Three-times Grammy nominated rock band Nothing More is known for its critiques on social issues, from addressing our false need for materialism, to political and religious leaders enforcing their views on others, to the challenges of mental illness. Today’s release of the lyric video for Nothing More’s Let ‘Em Burn”, from the band’s current album “The Stories We Tell Ourselves”, is a blistering look at one of the clandestine ways people are knowingly fed lies and willingly swallowing them.

“Everybody is full of shit…Us, them, everybody,” said Nothing More’s vocalist Jonny Hawkins.“Suspect your motives, doubt the media, quit the party. Reboot. Let’s try this again monkeys”. The “Let ‘Em Burn” lyric video was conceived and directed by Sean McLeod who also did Nothing More’s scorching lyric video for “Christ Copyright” and the music video for “Mr. MTV”.

Said McLeod, “I’ve found Nothing More to be a band that is very involved in the process, passionate not only about the music, but the message. Especially with today’s misinformation and the difficulty of separating the truth from the noise, our goal with this video was to bring attention to these issues, not pass judgement. We ask the viewer to question the source of the information they receive, and by highlighting the fact that this video too is made by people in a studio with hired actors, they should think critically for themselves and reach their own conclusions.”

Meanwhile, following their recent Download Festival appearance and dates with Stone Sour and Guns N’ Roses, Nothing More are heading back to Europe this month. They will be touring with Bullet For My Valentine and Of Mice & Men.

European Dates Below:
31st Oct @ Estragon (Bologna, Italy)
4th Nov @ Forum Karlin (Prague, Czech Republic)
7th Nov @ Esch-Sur-Alzette (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
8th Nov @ 013 (Tilburg, Netherlands)


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