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Michigan metalcore band OF VIRTUE are taking a victory lap with the release of a Deluxe Edition of their critically celebrated album “What Defines You” on November 20th from SharpTone Records. Pre-order it HERE. The Deluxe features 7 unreleased tracks including acoustic versions, remixes and b-sides. Today, the band has dropped an unplugged version of their fan favorite song “Torn Apart”.
Formed in Lansing, Michigan with the concept of bringing positivity to their listeners, OF VIRTUE came out strong with their 2009 EP “To Breathe Again”. It was this which catapulted them into the ears of many listeners eager for something new, something real. Knowing that they had captured the attention of a fan-base within an exhausted genre, their first full album, “Heartsounds” helped define a message of inspiring people across the globe to find their passion through OF VIRTUE‘s music. The band followed in 2012 with “Learn/Love” a limited release EP. In 2015, the band added more power to their sound via “Salvation” an album which has grown to be a staple for the band‘s sound. After introducing Tyler Ennis as the new vocalist in 2017, the band strived to try something completely different from anything they‘d done before. It was then when the band began their journey towards the new album, “What Defines You“.
What Defines You” (Deluxe Edition) Tracklisting:
1. No Control
2. Alone
3. Suffer
4. Immortal
5. Thanks For Nothing (explicit)
6. Pictures Of You
7. I Won’t Break
8. Surrounded
9. Torn Apart
10. Confide In Me
11. Torn Apart (Acoustic)
12. Pictures Of You (Reimagine) ft. Patrick Harney
13. Thanks For Nothing (Outrun Remix)
14. Suffer (Grit Remix)
15. Alone (Avoid Remix)
16. Ghost Town (B-Side)
17. Death : Reality (B-Side)


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