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iTunes | Apple | SpotifyOff Bloom are back with a brand new single “Love Actually,” a tropical-flavored self-effacing love song made with their good friend and rising Danish producer Vera.Available worldwide and on all digital platforms from today, “Love Actually” comes with a fun, lo-fi music video, shot in the band’s London apartment by Aria Baradar.

Watch the video for “Love Actually:

In the midst of a hefty post-house party hangover, the band wrote the song while inspired by a lot of 90’s/00’s music they were listening to at the time. Everything from Natalie Imbruglia to Green Day to Blink 182 and Avril Lavinge, “listening to music from that era opened up a more organic and fresh sound where all of a sudden everything felt new,” the trio continues. “It felt like going back to the roots and a more “innocent” time.”

The song itself is about “being so in love it’s almost unhealthy, but you can’t help yourself from falling!

The feeling that something is almost too good to be true and you’re slightly dreading what’s to come but feeling ecstatic at the same time.

A time where everything is about sex and fighting and constantly trying to figure out what’s happening inside the other person’s head.”

“Love Actually” follows last year’s 5-track “Lover Like Me” EP, which included the feisty “Shut Up And Let Me Walk” and Hudson Mohawke-produced kiss-off “Rockefe11a (F**k That To Be Honest),” and their breakthrough debut EP “Love To Hate It.”

Off Bloom’s unique, boundary-pushing sound is the perfect melding of Scandinavian electro pop and a new wave of UK and US beats with global influences.

The band is from the same forward-thinking young Danish scene as , Liss, Vera and Vasco, and have worked with the likes of Two Inch Punch, Kid Harpoon and AlunaGeorge.

Last week Off Bloom announced they would be joining Alma on the road in Europe from May 21st to June 5th. For a full list of tour dates go to www.offbloom.com

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