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Indie-pop darling Olivia O. has released her latest solo single, “All I Want,” on label Dirty HitPRESS HERE to listen. With this release, the rising, innovative artist continues to solidify her spot as a triple threat self-taught singer, songwriter and producer. Olivia’s effervescent and coy honesty brings a certain kind of lightness and levity to everything she does (she has managed to build a cult following on Instagram), and the new project is equal parts nostalgic and futuristic, chaotic and orderly, wise and young.
‘All I Want’ encapsulates my growing understanding of adulthood as I’ve moved out and gotten older and grappling with my feelings of isolation and discomfort in a new, unfamiliar environment,” said Olivia. The track serves as the first taste of music from the artist’s forthcoming solo EP, ‘Great Big Nothing’ (out June 10) — an exercise in spontaneous art-making. “The stuff that I make for my solo project is more spur of the moment, less methodical. I’ll have an idea that pops into my head, and I’ll just sort of try to get it down,” Olivia said, comparing her solo work to the music she makes with her bandmate Avsha Weinberg, who together form the buzzy Atlanta-based duo Lowertown.
Olivia wrote much of her new EP in London, where she and Avsha were recording new music in the studio for Lowertown. “[The EP] was definitely influenced by a lot of the new experiences I had in London,” said Olivia. “It was the first time I lived on my own without my parents. Being there during quarantine was very isolating. It was our first time recording in a studio setting. It felt like a lot of life changes were happening in one really concentrated period.
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