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Another masterpiece of U2 and their producer Brian Eno, dated 1991 is the seventh studio album of the band titled “Achtung Baby”.

Did you know that the band, during the recording of the album in Berlin (later finished in Dublin), had a lot of disagreements and was about to break up?

What a disaster it would have been for the music history to lose U2 so early…..fortunately it didn’t happen and the band decided to continue their career after the recording of one of their best song ONE.

So, maybe, ONE has also a meaning of reunion between th band members? It could be definitively another interpretation.

Bono once said that this song talks about people of different nations that are all different but they are all living in ONE world…….it is a song for umanity.

ONE is the name of the  charity fundation of Bono supporting many good causes like the fight to the HIV or the poverty in the world.

One is considered to be one of the best rock and roll song ever written and sold, together with the album, over 25.000.000 copies

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