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How do you usually write the lyrics of your songs?

Lyrics mostly start out as stream of consciousness in their initial state. Random- messy – raw pieces of whatever is going on in my brain at that moment. I usually type things out in the note’s app because that’s what I’m able to access the quickest… but the situations always differ. Sometimes, lyric writing looks like rolling over and reaching for my phone at 3AM when I can’t sleep, to type out whatever is on my mind… and sometimes it happens in the afternoon at the grocery store. 

When I sit down to write a song, those streams of consciousness or nuggets of ideas get refined, and pieced together slowly but surely, like a puzzle. I try to find the main takeaways & message, honing in on final lyrics from there.  


In your opinion, what is the most important thing in songwriting?

Honesty. Learning to just say things how you’d say them. Don’t be a character/ narrator of yourself – just be yourself. 

Are you ever scared of revealing aspects of your personal life/experience to strangers through your music?

Definitely. It’s like setting yourself up for the ultimate vulnerability hangover – except you’re also exposing those in your world, and that can feel wrong or invasive at times; But, if we’re not going to share honestly, then why do it at all?


What is the best lyric that you ever wrote (the most meaningful for you)?

There has never been a day that you don’t feel like home. 


What inspired “Morning, Mourning,“ a song from your latest EP ‘Only in My Dreams’?

Morning, Mourning” stemmed from the shame and guilt I’d felt saying goodbye to a long-term relationship, falling into new love soon thereafter, processing both of those things at the same time, and desperately not wanting to compromise this new blossoming love. It’s an apology letter to my person saying, I’m sorry for all those nights I cried – thank you for giving me the space and understanding I needed to heal. I’m falling in love with you and I’m so sorry if my mourning is messing this up or getting in the way of us — our “morning”. I had the seed of the idea that I’d been journaling, and some melodies for the song. My ex passed away and mourning took on a whole new meaning. I brought the song idea to two of my songwriter friends, and we all realized we’d shared in some version of this duality of pain/grief vs happiness/healing. It was cathartic to finally say it all out loud in a safe space and be able to express it in this way.


Do you remember the day you wrote “Only in My Dreams”?

Yep. According to my voice memos it was February 11, 2019. 

Is there a link/a common theme among the songs of the new EP?

Definitely. It wasn’t pre-planned or anything… But, when it came time to choose songs for the EP, those were the six that stuck out the most. Coincidentally, they happen to be the ones that tell the story of the past five years for me. They’re all an expression of really “lived in” moments – from loss, to falling deeply in love, to self-reflection/inquiry, and transformation. 


What is the best suggestion your producer gave you?

Only In My Dreams” should definitely not be a ballad & letting my voice / the song / the guitar steers the ship.


What are your plans for the upcoming months?

I plan on writing as much as possible and continuing to ride this creative wave I’m feeling at the moment. I also want to start going to the gym more often. 

To conclude the interview a short Q/A session, please answer the first thing that comes to your mind:

  • Define in one word your EP ‘Only in My Dreams’: Honest.
  • The best show you ever played: A pro bono gig in Orlando, FL in 2014.
  • The one thing that you must have in your backstage: A clean bathroom is ideal.
  • The soundtrack of your childhood: Backstreet Boys / Love and Basketball Soundtrack / Enya.
  • Your favourite song lyrically speaking, but not written by you: “Stop This Train” – John Mayer.
  • Last question is “unusual,” we want to know your best relationship advice: Never claim you’ve figured the other out – there is always more left to learn. Love is a verb – don’t get complacent. Nurture what you have. Disagreements are not about winning. Listen more.
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