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Female-fronted alternative metal quartet Overlaps is back with a brand new live video for “Is This Really Love?” – the latest, fourth single (after “On Monday”, “Dreams For Sale” and “Hang On You“) of the group’s recently released, self-titled full-length debut album. Rolling along with lush production, slick beats and showcasing the band’s electronically conscious side, “Is This Really Love?” is an innovative musical statement, as the lyricism in conjunction with the gorgeous, provided vocals evolve into a rich piece of music with exhilarating strings and a grandiose climax. Developing a clear example of Overlaps’ ability to achieve a great balance between the different elements utilized throughout the song and creating an incredible flow in the track, while the symphonic parts add depth and texture, this single is a great representation of the group’s talent to perform huge, arena rock influenced, powerful, poignant choruses with a very climactic feel, with the deep, rigged guitar riffs underneath just enhancing it, all meld into a cohesive whole, including the live nature of the video, which aims to present the original, energetic essence of this track.

Discussing the meaning and the influence behind “Is This Really Love?“, Overlaps adds: “This is the fourth single of our album, as the track comments on a “fake” love between two lovers, as they started knowing each other only on social media, putting their mask to be loved not for what they are in reality. This represents how relationship, values, love are changing nowadays. The video was recorded during the album release party in Italy, at Astro Club in Pordenone, after the European tour that we did with the legendary The Rasmus.


1. “Is This Really Love?”
2. “Right Or Wrong”
3. “Save Me”
4. “Dreams For Sale”
5. “On Monday”
6. “Hang On You”
7. “Everything Is Broken”
8. “Countdown”
9. “Scent of Rain”
10. “Vicious Cycle”

Overlaps will be also embarking on a massive, full EU tour:

April 12th – Pordenone (IT) – Rocktown
April 20st – Klagenfurt (AT) – Volxshaus
April 22nd – Prague (CZ) – Klub Famu
April 23rd – Brno (CZ) – A2 )
April 24th – Vienna (AT) – Kulturzentrum Schmelze
April 27th – Loeffingen (DE) – Kueferstuble
April 28th – Mannheim (DE) – 7ER Club
April 29th – Gera (DE) – Keiserwerke
April 30th – Weimar (DE) – Kasseturm
May 1st – Koeln (DE) – Valhalla Metal Club
May 2nd – TBA
May 4th – London (UK) – Thousand Island
May 5th – Newcastle (UK) – Rockstock Festival
May 6th – Edinburgh (UK) – Bannermans Live
May 7th – Manchester (UK) – The Factory
May 8th – Birmingham (UK) – Subside Bar
May 9th – Nottingham (UK) – Rock City Beta
May 19th – Bassano del Grappa (IT) – Music For The Oceans Festival
June 21st – Pordenone (IT) – Tune Music Lab Festival
June 28th – Graz (AT) – Explosiv
June 30th – Vienna (AT) – Viper Room
August 1st – Vienna (AT) – support for Ian Paice Band
August 2nd – Munchen (DE) – support for Ian Paice Band

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